Michael chronicles the experience of one boy at a youth boarding school on September 11, 2001.

A poignant investigation of society’s expectations of loss versus the real experience of it, the film is both personal and universal, drawing on the director’s autobiography to expose the surrealness felt by all in the immediate aftermath of tragedy.Michael must grapple with the ghost of his father, a man whom he never knew, but who defines him, and whose death before Michael’s birth in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing was publicly lamented, but privately withheld.

Michael explores the experience of absence on an occasion that privileges those ’who know somebody who died’ over those who remain outsiders.

Adam McKoy: Michael

Adam McKoy is from New York City and is making his film debut. He fell in love with acting while he was in school attending the Academy for the Intellectually Gifted in Astoria, New York. He went on to develop his craft studying with HB Studio, The People's Improv Theater, Sheila Gray, and American Dance and Drama Studio. Adam has a passion for many aspects of the performing arts.

He has been dancing since he was three years old and has danced competitively earning numerous awards. He also plays piano and the trumpet. .

Claire Brooks: Producer

Claire Brooks is a senior at The Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU, where she's designed a concentration in Film, Storytelling, and The Global Imagination.

She considers herself the internship queen, having worked at HBO, Time Warner Corp, Bust Magazine, and a handful of PR, Marketing, and commercial production companies.

Rachel A Velasquez

Rachel is an NYU film alum, currently working as a commercial director and freelance producer; directing commercials for Bud Light, Eggo Waffles, SunnyD, Enterprise, Liberty Mutual, and more. Rachel has also had the pleasure working as a PA and intern with CNN's Anderson Cooper AC360, CNN DL Hughley Breaks The News, MTV, and Believe Media. In addition, Rachel has a keen interest in building creativity in children and hopes to open a program of.

DJ Carroll: Cinematographer

Born in 1987 in Amherst, Massachusetts, David John Carroll currently resides and works in the greater New York City area. In his youth he traveled extensively, living abroad in Europe for several years, before finding his home in New England. As a child, D.J. spent much of his early years in the museums of the American East Coast and the churches and cathedrals of European antiquity.

Robin D'Oench: Assistant Director

Born and raised in New York City, Robin grew up an athlete playing in a world of organized sports. Watching movies late at night when practices were over, it was an almost an accident that he would fall onto a set and fall in love. Maybe it was the collaborative effort behind the art, but witnessing and learning the craft from the ground up interested and fascinated the impressionable youngster.